19 Jul, 2017

New Survey Suggests IT Departments are Facing Challenges


Businesses are adapting to technology more than ever before.

“A business’ reliance on technology to remain competitive and succeed in a modern world has accelerated more in the last 3 years than during the last 30,” said John Van Siclen, CEO at Dynatrace. 

With any change, there are challenges. Digital Transformation is no different.

So, what happens when organizations are not equipped to solve technical problems?

Dynatrace, a digital performance management company, tackled this issue head on in a recent survey. The results have revealed what the biggest IT challenges are in the workplace.


“75% of respondents had low levels of confidence in their ability to resolve digital performance problems.” According to Cision.

The survey completed by 1,239 IT and business professionals identified that businesses with weak infrastructure lose valuable working hours each day to the solving of issues:

  • IT operations professionals lose 522 hours per year or over 2 hours every business day
  • Software developers lose 548 hours per year or over 2 hours every business day
  • E-commerce professionals lose 652 hours per year or over 2.5 hours every business day
  • Marketing professionals lose 470 hours per year or nearly 2 hours every business day
  • Customer service professionals lose 496 hours per year or 2 hours every business day

With a weak IT environment, organizations are less productive.

So, as an IT and business professional, how do you properly prepare for digital malfunctions in the workplace in order to master the digital change?

Create a Valued Digital Culture

First and foremost, in order to avoid technical problems in the workplace, it is crucial to choose digital tools that provide value to the workforce. The IT department can then better assist their colleagues.

It is also important to take note of individuals’ strengths. That way when challenges can be answered by the staff member with the appropriate skills, saving everyone time.

“Intentionally building a culture that values and includes employees’ knowledge, strengths, and experience will help all employees feel happier at work and will help you move your company’s mission forward.” Forbes reported.

This strategy leads to positive work environments, which is always a win.

Pinpoint the Problem

When a technical problem emerges, it can take hours to pinpoint the cause.

“The key is to identify degradations that affect users immediately, pinpoint root cause precisely and fix before users are affected.” John Van Siclen states. 

IT professionals can better pinpoint problems thanks to digital tools such as “all-in-one monitoring approach powered by artificial intelligence.” Using artificial intelligence to transcribe data is more efficient than traditional pinpoint methods.

“AI automates all the “heavy lifting”—all the discovery and analysis that take teams of experts hours or days, AI does in milliseconds—to proactively identify problems and pinpoint the underlying root cause.”  dynatrace continues. 

Solving the root of the problem quickly saves IT professionals an abundance of work. This, in turn, opens up time to better work with other different departments in order to benefit the workplace as a whole.

According to the survey, here are the key benefits to embracing digital technology in the workplace:

  • 32% of IT operations professionals would spend more time researching and deploying new systems/technologies
  • 36% of app and web developers would spend more time on research, development and deploy new technologies
  • 36% of e-Commerce specialists would focus on optimizing revenue and engagement
  • 31% of digital marketing and communications professionals would spend more time on strategy and planning
  • 30% of customer experience and support professionals would spend more time engaging with customers and building advocacy programs

One last point…Security!

Better digital infrastructure not only saves time (and money!), it also benefits the business by providing a heightened level of security.

With the instances of ransomware increasing, using IT infrastructure to build your defense is an imperative.


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IT departments play an important role in work environments because they offer tools that can further benefit digital business structures. In order to maintain these departments properly, it is important to understand the benefits of time management and the potential downfall companies can face while tackling technological issues.

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