18 Jul, 2017

Agile Marketing Meets a Fast-Paced World


To be agile means to be quick, acute and aware.

In this fast-paced world, marketing professionals are forced to become agile by adapting to new trends and adjusting strategies to meet the digitally dependent consumer. 

Let’s take a look at what agile marketing means and how it’s effective for businesses.

The Goal of Agile Marketing

Agile marketing is a marketing technique that prioritizes teams in order to focus on having collective efforts on projects that bring the most value to the brand increasing KPI (key performance indicator). 

These projects are prioritized depending on the predicted impact they will have on an audience as well as how they will improve over time.

“It requires a seamless interplay between different departments and disciplines across the organization to deliver the whole package of customer experience. Speed, quality and flexibility are all vital attributes.” According to Marketing World.

These projects offer marketers quick and accessible customer feedback through data and analytics, made possible through digital transformation.

Understanding where your customers are at all times leaves you ahead of the competition and with a high level of successful customer engagement.

“Agile, in the marketing context, means using data and analytics to continuously source promising opportunities or solutions to problems in real time, deploying tests quickly, evaluating the results, and rapidly iterating.” mckinsey reported.

Agile marketing was developed through these techniques in order to create an abundance of ideas every week by working simultaneously with multiple campaigns combining teams in the workplace. 

Working Together

Integrating agile marketing creates clear lines of communication in the workplace, which leaves people open and ready for new, innovative ideas. 

Every department working together is key for the success of agile marketing in your business. 

Companies can implement agile marketing by adjusting the workplace to enable employees to work together through a variety of ways.


Having a strong project manager used to assign responsibility to team members in order to further communicate goals to create a positive customer engagement is an essential tool for agile marketing.

“Leadership in this case, is everything. “It starts at the top. If someone is very focused on the customer and clear on how they are going to engage with them, it will naturally filter down,” Kantar’s Bloomfield suggested.” 

The work culture is important when developing a brand, particularly a productive leader who will take control to implement positive conversations in order to move projects with agility.


Communication is important for every aspect of the work place and is crucial while integrating agile marketing into your business.

Since different teams are combined to create adequate strategies depending on the audience, having transparent communication is vital for success because it provides team members a clear idea of what the company’s strategy is.

“Departments that utilize Agile Marketing can avoid these inefficiencies and loss of productivity by facilitating clear communication. It allows you to set clear team and individual goals that align with company goals to ensure everyone understands and meets the determined objectives” According to Workfront. 

Clear and honest communication allows goals to be met with accuracy and agility.

Using Technology

Innovative technology provides tools that allow agile marketers to be quick and work with efficient information that will further position campaigns to meet customer engagement and gain an audience.

The use of mobile, social, and search engines help to keep eyes and ears on the desired audience at all times.

 “This technology component helps marketers capture, aggregate, and manage data from disparate systems; make decisions based on advanced propensity and next-best-action models; automate the delivery of campaigns and messages across channels; and feed customer tracking and message performance back into the system.” According to Mckinsey. 

Kenshoo reveals the importance of using technology to create agile marketing strategies, by implementing:

All of these factors result in effective, quick information that will further place your marketing strategy to have favorable results.


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