How Bitly Can Optimize Your Marketing Strategy


In 2008, Bitly was known for its revolutionary link shortening application that generating short, trackable URL links for marketers and other businesses. Now, millions of customers and roughly 32 billion links later, Bitly is the world’s leading Link Management Platform and just received a $63 million majority investment from Spectrum Equity, a leading growth equity firm.

Bitly’s CEO Mark Josephson joined the company in 2013. Since then, Bitly has pivoted their focus towards giving brands the power to “see, control and own their customer experience across the internet.”

Bitly has transformed itself from a startup quietly on its way to zero, to a company marketers can’t afford not to work with. Leading brands like IBM, eBay, Nike, GE, BuzzFeed and thousands more trust in Bitly’s ability to help build their own Influencer Marketing Program.

Influencer Marketing Programs

Bitly, now along side Spectrum Equity provides companies with a step-by-step tutorial on how to map out a strategy best suited for them. They want help brands build influencer marketing programs that reach new audience groups and build long-lasting relationships.

While there is a broad spectrum of influencer campaign out there, Bitly has identified the three best: takeover campaigns, partner content, and paid content.

“Takeover campaigns are when you give an influencer access to post from your social channel.”

“Partner content is when two or more companies build a campaign or content together.”

“Paid content is a relationship where the influencer is compensated.”

E-Book: “How To Build An Influencer Marketing Program in 2017”

Bitly also helps companies identify the right influencers for them though hashtag searches, identifying who our existing influencers follow, asking influencers for recommendations, and gathering expert advice from

The next step is to create a campaign brief complete with a list of dos and don’ts, visual inspiration, and a content checklist.

Proving Value

Once the brand has planned, pitched, and organized the influencer marketing program, Bitly helps track progression make adjustments to prove the value of the program.

Bitly does this by creating customized trackable links to track how consumers are engaging across the entire user experience. The link is then used for branding, driving engagement, tracking hard-to-track channels, and measuring micro and macro efforts.

An individual customized Bitlink is assigned to each influencer at the start of the campaign, enabling Bitly to see how their content is performing and then how each individual post is contributing to the overall success of the campaign.

Then content can then be compared over multiple channels at once in order to optimize efficiency for marketing departments across all industries.

For additional information about how Bitly can optimize your marketing efforts, heres a link to their E-Book on “How To Build An Influencer Marketing Program in 2017”


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