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Happy Friday! It’s time for our weekly news roundup featuring topics from leading industries such as healthcare, retail, marketing, financial services and security & enterprise.

With our FSI Transformation Assembly a few months away, let’s first talk about the biggest news stories in the financial services industry.


JP Morgan’s Successful Quarter

America’s biggest bank has announced that it has had its most successful quarter ever, drawing in $26.4 billion dollars in revenue. This performance is a result of increased interest rates.

Citigroup Beats Analysts’ Estimates

Citigroup reported a quarterly profit that succeeded the expectations of the company’s predictions, with growing loans and high revenue.

Visa’s Restaurant Proposition

Visa announced this week that it will offer food vendors and restaurants reward up to 10,000 if they upgrade their technologies to boosts electronic transactions. This would mean that businesses will no longer accept cash, putting Visa in a position to grow.


Facebook and Wireless VR Headset

Once Facebook acquired virtual reality developer Oculus for $2 billion dollars in 2014, the enterprise focused on implementing virtual reality into its services. Now, Facebook has announced that it will reveal a new virtual reality headset in 2018, with hopes that it will link to smartphones and be an affordable tool for customers, selling for $200.

Cisco & IBM: A Power Duo

Cisco & IBM have announced they will obtain partnership with one another. This decision was fueled by the recent ransomware attacks that swept the country, affecting many enterprises. Both Cisco & IBM’s security teams will come together, digging into security issues with goals to protect major corporations.

Exxon Mobile Fined

After an Exxon Mobile explosion that took place in Baton Rouge Louisiana last year, U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued 9 citations to the corporation, claiming that the explosion was a result of inadequate training and safety lapses such as equipment maintenance.


Dick’s Sporting Goods Acquires New CMO

Scott Huddler, former digital chief of Dunkin Donuts, has become Dick’s Sporting Goods new CMO once former Dick’s former CMO Lauren Hobart, became the company’s president.

J.C Penney Dives into Toys

J.C Penney announced this week that 1,000 stores will now offer toy shops presented on display in the children’s section. This move was first implemented in 2016 and resulted in success for the company.

Amazon’s Prime Day Hits a Home Run

Amazon had its third annual Prime Day on Monday, offering discounts for all Amazon Prime members. Amazon announced shortly after the event concluded that it was its “biggest day ever”, with an increase 60% in sales since last year’s Prime Day. This puts Amazon Prime Day at a better position than Cyber Monday and Black Friday.


Zico Coconut Water Aims to Inspire

Zico, a popular coconut water brand, has surveyed 1,000 adults over the age of 18 in order to construct a new campaign called, “What’s Inside Is Everything.” This campaign aims to encourage people to always be their true, authentic selves, celebrating who they are.

Nike Releases New “Just Do It” Campaign

Nike has gone above and beyond its traditional “Just Do It” ads, by creating a new meaning to the words. In the newest Nike ads, outlandish scenarios take place, like throwing a car off a cliff or almost getting arrested, in order to “Just Do It” and push yourself to the next level. Adding humor to the campaign creates a new twist to the traditional message.

“Spider-man Homecoming” Values Marketing

The newest Spider-man movie has reported having spent $140 million dollars on its marketing campaign involving Dell and Audi commercials.


HHS Charges 400 Defendants

HHS Office of Inspector General has reported yesterday that it charged 400 defendants for false billing schemes. This is being called “the largest healthcare take down in history.” Out of the 400 defendants, 300 healthcare professionals were charged with conducts related to opiate abuse.

“Better Care Reconciliation Act” New Version Released

The latest version of the healthcare Republican bill “Better Care Reconciliation Act” has been released. New revisions have been implemented regarding exchange policies, a topic that has been heavily debated since the original bill was released. Read the latest version of the bill here.


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