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If you have been wondering what the latest updates in your industry are, stick around, Digital Diary has some news for you!

It is time for the weekly news round up including the industries of financial services, retail, security & enterprise, marketing, and healthcare.

This week, let’s begin with retail.


True Religion Goes Bankrupt

The retail industry took another fall on Wednesday when jean company True Religion announced bankruptcy court protection.

The cooperation hopes to reduce debt and hopefully fix the failing business with this move.

This proves that it is a difficult time for retailers as the online shopping market continues to grow.

Amazon’s Alexa

Amazon is enabling its Alexa app to allow customers to sign up for Amazon Prime service, just by speaking into the digital assistant.

Amazon is using this feature to its advantage with the famous “Prime Day” approaching, which gives customers an opportunity to endless deals if they use one of Amazon’s digital tools, such as Alexa, Amazon Echo, Echo Show, Echo Dot and many others.

Walmart and Food Stamps

After President Trump announced a proposal that is supposed to cut budgets to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, AlixPartners reported that retail giant Walmart will suffer the most, taking a $12.7 million hit.

Walmart redeemed 18% of food stamps in 2013, which makes up a large fraction of its sales.


Security Test for Banks

The non-profit Online Trust Alliance (OTA) Alliance has audited over 1,000 websites anonymously.

It was then reported that 65% of major US banks have failed the web security tests.

This accounted for a 28% drop since 2016.

Robo-advisory on the Rise 

Betterment is the largest Robo-advisor in the world, which replaces humans with algorithms to dictate what is the most valuable asset to invest in.

John Stein, the CEO of Betterment announced in an interview this week that he believes his company will be the Amazon of financial services, dominating the industry.

Digital Diary will keep up to date with this story to provide updates about this company. 


Office Depot’s New Campaign

Move over Amazon, Office Depot has released a new campaign, hoping to create new brand awareness with a new message, “taking care of business.”

This occurs one month after Home Depot released a new campaign.

Both brands are seeking to overpower Amazon, their biggest and fastest growing competition.

Snapchat’s New Feature 

Snap Inc. has added a new feature to its app, allowing users to link websites to Snapchat pictures or videos.

This tool will ultimately benefit marketers reach organic growth, directing traffic to websites or any links that businesses want to reach their targeted audience.

Millennial’s New Preferred Brands

YouGov BrandIndex,  a research firm, released new data exposing millennial’s new preferred brands.

This firm ranks 1.5 consumers yearly, to get a new look at the brands that are making an impact.

This recent data was focused on millennials and their preferred tastes.

Turns out, Uber is still a #1 favorite brand, followed by Instagram and Lyft.

Snapchat came in at #4.


IBM & Facebook

IBM announced this week that Facebook plans to move its WhatsApp software away from IBM’s cloud computing.

Facebook wants to move its facilities into its own data center.

This should not hinder IBM’s success with the cloud, due to their partnerships with other major corporations.

Hackers Have a New Target

Homeland Security announced an urgent report indicating that hackers are now targeting companies that operate nuclear power stations, energy facilities, and manufacturing plants.

Hackers aim to break into computer networks to create destruction or to steal data.

The hackers are aiming to hack systems through fake Microsoft Word documents.

Microsoft’s Layoffs

Microsoft has announced yesterday that the major cooperation plans to lay off thousands of employees.

This is due to its new commercial and consumer model, reconstructing teams in order to enhance productivity growth.

The teams that are predicted to suffer from these recent layoffs are primarily the marketing and sales teams.


$26.1 Million for New App

Pushdoctor, an app that allows you to order a doctor in less than ten minutes to your doorstep has received $26.1 million in investments.

This could potentially change the way the healthcare industry functions.

Click here to read our latest blog post about healthcare startups.

Former Amazon Exec Moves to Healthcare

Alignment Health has hired former Amazon Executive, Tisson Mathew.

His main function is to focus on improving and developing digital health solutions for individuals on Medicare.

Alignment health has been using machine learning technology recently and is seeking to become more digitally advanced.

Painkillers at Risk

A new court motion has been filed, accusing drug manufacturers, Endo and Purdue Pharma, to be continuously promoting pain killers which ultimately affects drug abusers in a negative way.

This motion claims that these drug manufacturers know that these pain medications are not resistant, but produce them anyway.


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