Startups are the Future of Healthcare


Healthcare startup companies are digitally transforming the healthcare industry. New technology is saving lives and assisting physicians, enabling them to perform their jobs in an effective way.

The healthcare industry has huge potential for startups because the market is continuously growing and evolving to become digitally centered for patient-care needs.

“Over six billion dollars poured into the industry in nearly 300 deals in the first half of the year. 2017 is on track to be the most active year for funding by a significant margin.” According to Startup Health’s mid-year funding report. 

We took a look at some of the most innovative and interesting healthcare startups to date.

Group K Diagnosis

Group K Diagnosis designed its startup based on Paper Diagnostic Tests, which was developed in 2014 that can detect cancer proteins and other diseases through a patient’s urine.

This new way of testing for ailments is proven to be cost effective and quicker than using other diagnostic tests.

Group k Diagnosis’ has formulated a plan that is called a “care of solution” that centers around the idea of paper tests.

This solution has been designed to be accessible for doctors to use in their busy, constant schedule.

“We want to provide better, accuracy care the gives patients faster diagnoses, makes followup faster for doctors, and increases follow up and adherence for payers.” According to Group K Diagnosis.

By using a device, pipeline, and mobile app, a multi-test modular POC diagnostic called MultiDiagnostic is created.

This is intended to make bloodwork results fast, effective and resulting in high levels of patient engagement.

Tine Health

Tine Health has centered its startup around “just in time training” which is designed to be an education system that reinforces classroom training for nurses.

This training is intended to minimize the wait time between nurses learning and then executing a procedure.

When nurses learn right before a procedure starts, it is said that fewer errors occur during the procedure.

Tine Health is dedicated to minimize errors and produce efficient, knowledgeable nurses by using a variety of tools.

Begin the Training

Nurses use “smart stickers” that is attached to training devices in order to begin the “just in time” training.

Smartphones Play a Role

Using a smartphone, nurses are able to scan the sticker on indicated training devices before the procedure begins.

 “These videos promote the concept of interleaving – an evaluation and learning technique that organizes a variety of information in unexpected ways for better comprehension and retention” according to Tine Health.

Scanned Training

The nurses are directed through short videos on a mobile device, based on the scanned training item.

Tracked Progress

The scans are then tracked and analyzed in order to document compliance between the nurses as well as progress.

Tine Health is dedicated to providing nurses with the top of the line training while saving time between procedures for effective results for positive patient care.


Mdalgorithms is leveraging the potential that mobile apps have in the healthcare industry.

“Medical apps are beginning to level the playing field in patients’ favor, and will ultimately change the future of healthcare forever.” According to

MDalgroiths has created the first dermatology-based app called MDacne which put the patient’s needs above all.

MDacne uses mobile tools targeting individuals with health concerns, such as acne.

This app allows patients to diagnose themselves in a quick, immediate way.

“Using cutting edge methods embedded in our software it allows split second skin mapping and analysis.” According to MDalgorithms

Using computer imaged analysis, along with medical guidance, and personalized treatment plans, patient-centered care is achieved.

Along with care plans, the app provides insight into how to properly care for your skin, which provides an innovative, informative tool for patients.

The Future of Healthcare

The development of these startups rapidly changes the healthcare market by opening up new opportunities for doctors to expand their knowledge by using new tools to carry out patient care.

With the rapidly developing world of digital healthcare evolving, these startups are just a few among many that are making a huge impact in the industry.

The above startups are using advanced technology, innovative ideas and mobility in order to create a developed healthcare landscape for both the patient and doctor.

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The significant opportunities that startup companies have in the healthcare industry are rapidly developing and growing to meet patient needs and to assist doctors in carrying out everyday activities.

The use of mobile apps changes the landscape of health care by opening up broader spectrums of tools that can further increase patient-centered care. With healthcare startups constantly creating new, innovative features that are accessible and effective, the healthcare market has the potential to completely transform. It is important to support innovative ideas in order to achieve an empowered healthcare market that ultimately benefits physicians and patients.

Learning about new procedures through interacting with developers benefits business leaders in the healthcare market and enables a positive digital health transformation.

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