05 Jul, 2017

CMO’s Adapt to a Copycat Social Media World


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have integrated different tools into their apps to enhance the customer experience that has made them accessible, everyday tools for users. 

Lately, the features on these apps seem to be repetitive of one another, displaying a type of “copycat” behavior.

CMOs now have a hard time gauging which platforms their target customers favor. This has been made harder by the “copycat” functionality of many of this social tools. However, social media apps continue to offer businesses the opportunity to leverage a product or service.

Here are just a few examples of this “copycat” behavior:

QR Codes

QR (Quick Response) codes are machine-readable codes that are used to store URLs and other information, accessible through a camera on the smartphone.

“Since QR Codes provide a direct link in the online world, this produces countless possibilities to engage users in a positive way.”  QRCode-generator.com stated.

As we discussed in our previous blog post, Snapchat first took a spin at QR codes by integrating “Snap Codes” onto the app, allowing users to add friends through the scanning tool as well as to unlock different features.

Facebook was next in line, integrating QR codes into its messenger app, enabling users to add friends through a scanning feature.

Now, Twitter has joined the digital wave of QR codes, allowing users to use the codes for the exact same reason, to add more followers.

All of these social media platforms are using comparable concepts, for a similar purpose: to make the social media experience for the customer easy to use, unique and accessible at all times.  

So, where does this leave CMO’s on the quest to successfully reach an audience?

How to use QR Codes in your Marketing?

Marketing professionals can leverage QR codes in order to strategically place online content for consumers.

“QR codes can provide additional information, including photos, reviews, directions and event dates and times.” According to FastCompany.

Online content can be released through QR codes in a variety of ways:

  • Coupons
  • Directing the customer to desired social media platforms
  • Product details
  • Business cards
  • Gain more followers

These tools are successfully driving marketing strategies toward a customer base that creates more exposure and brand awareness, which are all positive moves for businesses.


The potential for videos is huge in the marketing world because it creates a virtual, first-hand experience from company to audience.

Facebook was one of the first companies to integrate video content into its platform.

“Facebook Live” was created in 2016, offering an innovative form of virtual interaction between users.

Their next step was to incorporate this digital transformation onto their second owned company, Instagram, with “Instagram Live”, almost an exact replica of Facebook’s video tool.

Facebook was satisfied with the results of this integration because businesses began to catch on that using videos can successfully reach a targetted audience.

 “Today on the platform, we not only have 250 million people using it, but actually a third (of the most viewed stories) are businesses using Instagram Stories and one million are advertisers.”  Facebook’s global head of sales Carolyn Everson told CNBC.

Shortly after, disappearing videos were offered through Instagram, a feature that Snapchat has become famous for, causing, even more, competition between the two platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat offer video features that can create a challenge for CMO’s while figuring out what platform to focus on for marketing campaigns.

Videos Cause a Shift in Marketing

Businesses can use videos to leverage their marketing campaigns by releasing unique content to their desired customers.

This experience can lose its authenticity once multiple social media platforms seem to all appear the same, losing the distinctive features that have always driven users to prefer one over the other.

To avoid appearing repetitive, businesses must adapt their marketing techniques to understand:

  1. What platform the video is being released on
  2. What content is worth viewing for the customer on this specific platform

Then, marketers can target specific audiences and carry out campaigns through video content which enables brand awareness to be stronger and reachable.

Marketers must start to understand how social media is integrating these new tools, and how they can work to adapt with them to create successful campaigns.


Social media is on the rise, integrating a variety of tools that consumers and businesses can use to receive, send and brand content. Since social media apps are starting to replicate each other, CMO’s must learn to have eyes and ears on all platforms in order to see what audience is where. This can be presented as a challenge at first, considering each platform possess similar tools but are intended to reach audiences in different ways.

Staying up to date with digital transformation through social media will keep CMO’s and other business leaders ahead of the digital wave, one step above the competition and connected to consumers on a new level. Learning about other marketing trends such as artificial intelligence, omni-channel strategy, cognitive marketing, personalization, and data revolution and more is also crucial for CMO’s and business leaders to understand, to enhance customer experience and to successfully engage with audiences.

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