Move Over, Millennials… Walgreens Targets 55+ with Mobile App


New Walgreens data proves that its mobile app used for pharmaceutical needs is not just tailored to meet the digitally-driven millennial.

In fact, this new data shows that 20% of users are 55 and over.

Shifting Trends

Gone are the days where businesses only strive to target millennials with the integration of mobile apps.

In a recent study, technology trends are shifting to be more appealing to mid-life and older individuals.

Americans over the age of 50+ are adapting to technology by using smartphones, computers, and tablets.

These individuals are proven to use these devices for features such as email, news, directions, and even social media.

“Among those who own smartphones, top mobile activities include sending email (91%), getting directions/traffic to, (79%), getting news, (72%) visiting websites, (70%) and accessing social media (62%).” According to a study done by AARP.

Although older generations are said to be integrating technology into their daily lives more frequently, 36% of middle-aged Americans reported that they are not very confident with personal information being released online, due to security issues.

This differs compared to Millennials, who tend to reveal more personal information via social media platforms.

“Only 25% (of millennials) enable strict privacy restrictions on the social media platforms they use.” According to a survery done by Hidemyass! 

Walgreens is Listening

This new knowledge of how older people view technology to Millennials poses the question:

 What is Walgreens doing right to grab the attention of an older audience, in order for them to download and continue to use the app?

“We wanted to replicate that connection digitally, so customers can get a high-value, personalized experience even when they can’t make it into a store.”  said Mindy Heintskill, Walgreens divisional vice president, loyalty.

Walgreens has added features to its app that targets the older individual, shifting its focus from the millennial generation and centering their attention on meeting the needs of the senior citizen as well as the middle-aged person.

Support of TouchID

Walgreens emerged TouchID as a tool on its pharmacy app.

Using Touch ID allows users to feel safer, and their information less compromised because it provides a secure auto-login which is unique to each customer’s fingerprint.

It is also easy to use.

“Touch ID support on iOS devices and secure auto-login to make it easier for users who might have a hard time remembering or finding their login information,” DSN reported.

Formatting the features of the app to enable TouchID, meets the needs of the older customer and is a move that has paid off for Walgreens.

Pill Reminder Feature

Walgreens app integrated a pill reminder feature, which is made to target seniors and older adults who usually have more doses of pills throughout the day.

This feature notifies customers to take their designated pills at the proper time.

By using customer engagement through this feature, seniors feel particularly taken care of, which allows them to trust the digital app even more.

Easy-to-use menus

For seniors or older adults who are not as familiar with the use of digital apps, menus can become complicated and hard to function.

The menu on the Walgreens app has been created to be just the opposite of this, enabling the option to make font sizes larger, to meet the needs of the senior user.

“Sometimes these customers interpret words differently, so every button and every label require a lot of careful thought. If older users don’t understand something, they’re less inclined to try it out than younger users sometimes are,” Benjamin Weiss, a mobile technology product manager for Walgreens, told FierceRetail.

Pharmacy Chat

Pharmacy Chat allows users to be able to communicate with trusted professionals, anywhere, anytime.

This benefits senior citizens who are unable to make a trip to the doctor, or the pharmacy

It is completely tailored to prioritize the older people simplify their life and to get the proper knowledge they need to remain healthy.

Balance Rewards for healthy choices®

Walgreens understands that keeping healthy is a priority for users, especially the senior citizen category.

Because of this, Balance Rewards was implemented into the app.

This feature gives users the ability to gain loyalty points when they use the app to track any form of physical activity.

This tool also provides customers the ability to track blood pressure and to keep up to date with weight management.

By urging customers to make healthy choices, with rewards attached, shows that Walgreens cares about its customer’s health.

What Now?

By targeting senior citizens through its app, Walgreens is proving that digital healthcare is expanding its market to meet the generation known to be digitally naive.

Since adults 55 and older are now proven to use digital healthcare more frequently, it opens up a whole new targetted market for the healthcare industry, straying away from the commonly sought after group, Millennials.


The Millennium Alliance is pleased to announce that applications for our biannual Digital Healthcare Transformation on December 5,6 2017 Assembly are now open!

Digital healthcare is being integrated through all forms of technology, especially mobile apps. Since Walgreens has leveraged its app to meet the needs of an audience who is heavily reliant on healthcare, they stayed above the digital wave and ahead of the competition.

The need for customer-centric transformation is more vital than ever, with individuals from all ages adapting to new technology in order to fulfill healthcare needs. It is crucial for business leaders to stay up to date with who is using technology because of the rapidly developing digital healthcare industry.

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