Cloud Adoption, Security, DevOps and more… A Look Back at Digital Enterprise & Transformation CISO Assemblies

 -DET CISO Assemblies round-up

The Millennium Alliance team has just returned from Arizona, where two successful assemblies were held: The Digital Enterprise Transformation Assembly and The Transformational CISO Assembly.

Business leaders from a variety of industries joined together to debate important subjects about technology and business over the course of the two days.

The following subjects made an impact during the events. 

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is known as how businesses adapt in order to meet the needs of technologies that are constantly developing and growing. These changes include internet, mobility, and social media.

Since we live in a world of growing digital development, business leaders have a mutual understanding that these transformations will affect their businesses and change how they execute strategies within their operations.

It is important for these leaders to stay above the curve of digital transformation by adapting to new technologies and tools that have emerged through a variety of markets.

“When technology is new, there is no applications”  – Keynote speaker, Tony Scott

Tony detailed to the audience how when there is new technology there is a lag time between a release of the tech and it has an actual business use.

However, he was keen to emphasize that the best business leaders are getting behind digital transformation before digital applications exist and being first to come up with them.

Learning what digital transformation means to each specific business leader is an impactful way to gain insight into what digital developments are seen as a priority.

According to Micro Focus, “If you don’t change and embrace digital business, you are going to miss out”


With the growing development of digital technologies, comes the threat of security breaches.

Companies are constantly looking for new ways to protect their data, networks, and devices from being hacked which will lead to important information being compromised.

This makes security a top priority among business leaders and is a highly debated topic among these individuals.

Staying up to date with technology, while remaining a secured operation is a crucial factor in adapting businesses to digital transformation.

New technological advancements provide enhanced software and integrated tools that heightened the concern for security among businesses.

Cloud Adoption

Businesses are catching onto the impact of the cloud revolution and are debating the security risk that could potentially come with it.

The cloud adoption executes important tasks for businesses by:

  • Digitally transforming an organization
  • Creating expert development
  • Growing business outcomes
  • Generating higher customer interaction and expanding services

By reinventing businesses IT functions, cloud transformation migrates applications and embraces technology in order to execute strategies such as collecting data and decision making.

Since major companies are putting sensitive data into the cloud, it is important for business leaders to explore all security options and developments that this digital transformation introduces.


DevOps enables collaboration between different teams which increases communication within companies while enhancing organization through the business channels.

Business leaders are constantly discussing the importance of DevOps and if it is necessary to integrate it into their organization.

According to, 

“Your DevOps approach must include a detailed understanding of your culture and learned behaviors that will influence the changes you want to see in your organization.”

Individual business culture determines if DevOps is successful within a company and if this digital transformational trend will be effective.

Business leaders have caught onto this concept, and are concerned with making their particular business environments suitable to integrate new transformations.

Data Management and Self-Service Analytics

Data management helps businesses manage and execute information in an effective matter by developing policies and procedures.

Self-service analytics uses these procedures by providing businesses the opportunity to offer their employees a chance to perform activities and generate reports without needing any IT support, or education in technology.

This is done through:

  1. Simple to use business intelligence tools.
  2. Data models scaled down for ease.

Adapting to this new strategy of business has many positive outcomes for both the business and the employees.

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A look back at the Digital Enterprise & Transformational CISO Assemblies that took place last week. #DETAssembly #CISOAssembly


The 4th edition of our Transformational CISO Assembly is open for application. Taking place

this year on November 16-17, 2017.

The Millennium Alliance launched the Transformational CISO Assembly to answer a growing digital need. In a new digital world, driven by data, businesses of all sizes are working tirelessly to secure their networks, devices, and of course, their data. Fortune 500 organizations are especially vulnerable as they have big data pools and thousands of people who need access. CISOs need to plan for worst-case scenarios, stay ahead of latest IT Security transformation technology, and maintain their company’s information assets, all without losing sight of the corporate culture.

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The Millennium Alliance is thrilled to present the second 2017 edition of Digital Enterprise Transformation Assembly, put together by the industry, for the industry. Join us November 16-17, for a series of executive education roundtables, keynote presentations, collaborative think tanks, educational workshops, and networking sessions will offer industry-specific topics and trends to ensure your company sustains its competitive advantage.

As we move closer to 2018, prominent digital technology and business leaders from all the major private and public sectors are looking to CIOs to manage the explosion of information that has ignited digital enterprise.

Many are predicting that we are headed towards a “Digital Industrial Revolution”. This has made the role of IT leaders more important than ever. Understanding the convergence of mobile, social, and cloud is still critical for organizations looking to create opportunities and stay ahead of the competition. But now, this convergence is merely the foundation of the new digital world. With the daily birth of new technology, IT infrastructure needs to be more agile than ever.

This is not just another “Digital IT” event. Spaces are reserved for the best in the business. Apply for Millennium Membership today

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