The Latest News About the New HealthCare Bill, PNC Bank, Apple and more…


The news has been buzzing this week starting major topics in industries such as Retail, Marketing, Security, Enterprise and Financial Services.

Let’s cover retail first, with Amazon leading the way.


Amazon and Fashion

The e-commerce giant Amazon has eyes on expanding its services into the fashion market by developing a “try before you buy” concept, which allows customers to try on clothes before purchasing them.

Shoplifting Creating Loss

Retailers, be on the lookout! New data has been released by The National Retail Federation and the University of Florida stating that retailers’ inventory loss increased from 45.2 billion to 48.9 billion by 2016 due to theft my shoplifters and employees.

Along with the survey, protection plans were released that urged retailers to use higher security to monitor employees and shoppers.

Walmart and Entrepreneurs

Walmart has initiated its yearly open call for American entrepreneurs to join its headquarters in Bentonville, Ark to pitch goods to a buyer.

Over 500 companies will be attending.


Cloud Helps Accenture PLC Grow

Accenture PLC, a global management consulting firm for technology and digital services has announced that moving its security services to the cloud has caused its expected profit to grow 7% to $1.51 per share with revenue rising 4.7% to $8.83 billion.

Amazon and Data Leak

Amazon is in the news again, but this time for a  massive leak of data exposing nearly 200 million people’s voting history, names, date of birth, home addresses and phone numbers from its Amazon Wireless Server.

President Trump and Technology

President Donald Trump has planned to meet with chief executives of companies such as General Electric Co, Honeywell International Inc and AT&T Inc as well as individuals in the drone industry to further developments in the technology market.


Amazon and the NFL

Amazon is charging companies over a total of 2.8 million dollars for advertising packages during NFL season this fall targeting Thursday Night Football that is streamed through Amazon’s “Prime” services.

Plum Organics Sparks Interest with New Campaign

Baby food brand, Plum Organics has taken a new approach to its marketing strategy by releasing its first campaign called “Do you part(ner)” exposing a topic that is not usually seen related to baby food: parents’ sex life.

This campaign is being called a risk, but so far, it has generated 11.8 million online views and is receiving positive feedback because of its unfiltered approach.

Headspace Gains New Chief Business Officer

Ross Hoffman, former SVP of global partnership at Twitter for 6 years, has joined Headspace, a well-being health app to be the new chief business officer to gear up the companies marketing program, which recently laid off 13 employees.

in the drone industry to further developments in the technology market.


PNC Bank

PNC’s largest bank has released positive results of its annual stress test that has been created to see if companies have enough capital to absorb losses if economic conditions worsen.

EY Opens Innovation Center

Professional services firm EY has announced that it will be opening a New York-based Financial Services Innovation Center in order to help other financial firms to achieve breakthroughs by emerging technology and innovation.


HSBC has announced at the Google Next event in London that the bank will implement its first “cloud first” strategy with efforts to increase developing technology in the financial industry.


Senate Healthcare Plan

A new healthcare plan has been released on Thursday making massive cuts to Medicaid and reducing spending on ObamaCare’s tax credits.

American Hospital Association, American Academy of Pediatrics and American Association of Medical Colleges have already announced their disapproval of the plan due to expected cost cuts that will potentially affect the middle class.

Accenture Consulting

Accenture Consulting has released a new report that predicts the market for health-related Artificial Intelligence will increase from 600 million in 2014 to an annual growth rate of 40% to 6.6 billion by 2021.

Apple and Health Gorilla

Apple is moving toward a partnership with the startup app Health Gorilla, in order to turn the iPhone into a personalized space for patients to store important medical information.

This will ultimately stop knowledge gaps between physicians and patients, that often times lead to misdiagnoses.

Research Developing for Prosthetic Limbs

Researchers at the College of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University have developed new technology for prosthetic limbs that enable direct feedback from the human body called “human loop optimization”.

This will ultimately stop knowledge gaps between physicians and patients, that often times lead to misdiagnoses.

That’s all for this week, see you next Friday with more news from leading industries!


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