21 Jun, 2017

What are the Priorities of Digital Transformational Leaders in 2017?


With the Transformational CISO Assembly this week, we collected data to find out what our attendees view as top priorities in their major business industries.

The focus of this week’s priorities involves protection from any element that threatens data security within enterprises.

The following themes stood out.


Business leaders find identity and access management to be a top priority. This priority is especially important because it involves relationships within business and technology. 

In every industry, it is crucial to stay protected and know who has access to what at all times.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a framework that ensures the proper people in a business have the appropriate access to resources such as technology and security.

 Essentially, identity and access are being managed to prevent unauthorized users from using resources or services. 

This can be done through restriction and regulations implemented by businesses.

“This mechanism can facilitate setting different risk level-appropriate review processes for higher-level access as well as reviews of existing rights to prevent privilege creep.” TechTarget reported.


Ransomware is a scary concept that most enterprises fear. First, let’s discuss exactly what ransomware means.

Ransomware is a malware threat that blocks authorized people from a computer system until an amount of money is paid. It is clear why business leaders find this a priority. Here’s why:

If data is not backed up businesses’ can potentially lose the entirety of confidential, private information.

With just one wrong click of a button, hackers can access information of businesses and infect the computer system.

This occurs frequently and with technology constantly growing ransomware creators have more of a platform to conduct their activities.

Ransomware can be spread through email campaigns, downloads, or codes injected into particular web pages.

“These attacks get more refined by the day, as cyber criminals learn from their mistakes and tweak their malicious code to be stronger, more intrusive and better suited to avoid cyber security solutions. The WannaCry attack is a perfect example of this since it used a wide-spread Windows vulnerability to infect a computer with basically no user interaction.”  According to Heidmal Security

Being vulnerable to these attacks as businesses enterprises is a major threat to the privacy of the company.


Artificial intelligence is used in many leading industries, especially the security enterprise industry. Machine learning allows computers to learn without being programmed.

Using machine learning detects active breaches in the system because once the computer learns, it is constantly developing and searching for new data patterns as well as learning at the same time.

Machine learning is prioritized with business leaders because these computers are learning faster, understanding more complex data and automatically processing results in a faster, efficient way.

Industries that work with complex data are focusing on this particular method such as the healthcare industry, government, financial services, and oil and gas companies.

There are 4 different methods of machine learning. All of these methods teach computers using different techniques.

Supervised learning

follows an algorithm that matches sets of inputs and outputs in order to find errors. This can be useful for fraudulent credit cards transactions while customers file a claim.

Unsupervised learning

This method of learning leaves all the figuring out to the computer.

The computer is given a specific algorithm with no other labels and it is forced to find trends within the rhythm.

By using this method, the computer finds patterns within data such as similar attributes who should be treated similarly between customers

This technique is important for marketing campaigns in order to learn what the audience is interested in.

Semisupervised Learning

This method is almost exactly like unsupervised learning, except the data is labeled and unlabeled for training purposes.

An example of this is someone’s face on a webcam.

Reinforcement learning

This type of learning focuses on robotics. The algorithm works by using the method of trial and error by using the agent, the environment, and actions to find out what policy produces more rewards.

“The test for a machine learning model is a validation error on new data, not a theoretical test that proves a null hypothesis. Because machine learning often uses an iterative approach to learn from data, the learning can be easily automated. Passes are run through the data until a robust pattern is found.”  Sas reported.


Cybersecurity solutions are types of solutions that provide tools and resources in order for businesses to protect themselves from advanced threats, which are any type of malware attacks on software.

With that being said, finding cyber security solutions are a big priority for business leaders.

If you are active on the web, whether you have a website or important data stored on the computer, cyber attacks are frequent and dangerous.

A variety of companies focuses on cyber security solutions that help businesses protect themselves from threats and danger on the internet.


Data loss prevention is the act of protecting companies from having important and classified information sent outside a particular secure network.

Software products can help regulate this concern by controlling what data users can transfer from the system as well as implementing rules that deny employees access to send work emails outside of the designated server.

Business leaders are prioritizing taking steps in order to avoid sensitive information from being leaked to unauthorized users because it jeopardizes the privacy of business transactions and important data.


The 4th edition of our Transformational CISO Assembly is open for application. Taking place this year on November 16-17, 2017.

With the growing threat of security breaches, companies are constantly looking for new ways to protect their data, networks, and devices from being hacked leading to important information being compromised. The Millennium Alliance understands the urgency of this topic, and the Transformational CISO Assembly is the answer to any questions about the constantly growing digital threats. As a CISO, it is important to stay informed about what threats are out there and how to adapt to the latest IT Security technology in order to stay protected. Join the Transformational CISO Assembly to become knowledgeable and prepared for any potential threat that approaches your company.

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