IBM Global Solutions is Embracing Cloud Transformation


The cloud revolution is here. Five years ago, enterprises were implementing cloud primarily to streamline IT infrastructure and cut costs. Today, enterprises around the world have adopted cloud to go beyond acquiring technological agility — to power business innovation.

Now, IBM Global Solutions is at the frontline of the constantly growing and innovative digital transformations by implementing cloud transformation into businesses to create expert development and rapid business outcomes.

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Cloud transformation adopts and migrates applications in order to reinvent how businesses’ IT environments function. IBM is embracing cloud revolution in order to effectively dominate how businesses execute strategies such as collecting data, facing challenges and decision making.

IBM puts innovation as a priority, and the cloud is used in order to be cutting-edge and impactful, making major positive improvements for businesses and reinventing how they evolve.

IBM reports,“74% of enterprises say that cloud adoption has significantly improved their customer experience” 

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Cloud environments are used to strengthen customer needs, revenue, and customer satisfaction. Businesses are effectively reaching goals through innovation and techniques that cloud offers.

These techniques are strategically placed in order to gain desired results. The dynamics of cloud operations offer a complex outlet where businesses can adapt in order to import data.

IBM has developed its own framework that enables ultimate results and optimization as well as improved customer engagement. from using the cloud. This framework is designed around optimizers, innovators, and disruptors.

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Optimizers are used to strengthen the pre-existing relationships with customers and businesses.

“Optimizers expand customer value by upgrading their products and services, improving customer personalization and responsiveness, and adding new delivery channels”  IBM reports in an exectuive cloud summary.


Innovators are in charge of working with customer interaction. This helps to achieve revenue within their industries.

“Due to their ingenuity, innovators often significantly reconstruct their industry value chains, reaping additional competitive advantage by shifting industry economics in their favor.”


Disruptors provide customers with an experience.

“At least for a time, disruptors leapfrog their competitors, earning greater market rewards from disrupting traditional industry value chains or creating new ones.”

Putting this framework into action implements cloud function and results in positive outcomes for businesses such as speed, integration, growth, and organization.

Using this shift in cloud-enabled functions, businesses generate higher customer interaction and expand services.

Once a business starts using cloud activation, they are considered an innovator, which results in big outcomes for the business.

IBM makes it accessible for businesses to receive expert insight on cloud integration, as well as a distinct framework and advisory services that have proven to be extremely beneficial to businesses globally.

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“IBM has a spectrum of solutions which can take you from project, team and organizational requirements to business outcomes. We rapidly deliver new software applications at scale by leveraging Agile methods, Bluemix garage, cloud based platforms, DevOps tools and a full API solution. Services include architecture, development, testing, implementation, integration and deployment.” 

Learn more about how IBM is evolving cloud into business here 


General Manager, Global Cloud Consulting Services of IBM Sanjay Rishi will come together with Millennium during our biannual Transformational CISO Assembly, taking place on June 22-23 at The Camby in Phoenix, AZ.

Transformational CISO

Sanjay will be discussing with Millenium delegates to discuss how cloud is enabling businesses to:

  • Generate new sources of revenue through product and service portfolio innovation;
  • Redefine customer engagements by farming vast amounts of data; and
  • Disrupt industries with entirely new models and ways of doing business using cognitive algorithms and intelligent systems.

This is not just another “IT Security” event. This event gives you a first-hand encounter with a premier expert speaker about how integrating cloud into business can create major positive feedback with customers and business innovation.

This premier gathering will also address the most important ITsecurity priorities of 2017 and identify new opportunities that lead to an IT Security transformation. Through a cutting-edge program designed by the industry, for the industry, we will provide the freshest and up-to-date insight that will move your organization to the next level. A series of executive education roundtables, keynote presentations, collaborative think tanks, educational workshops, and networking sessions will offer industry-specific topics and trends to ensure your company sustains its competitive advantage.

If you are the Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Security Officer, Chief Risk Officer or the Chief Privacy Officer, then you should be attending this event. Spaces are reserved for the best in the business. Enquire about attendance here! 

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