08 Jun, 2017

How you as a CISO can Prevent a Malware Attack


The instances of malware are increasing.

Only last month, the WannaCry ransomware affected more than 200,000 organizations in 150 countries. In the UK, the major assault hit 47 NHS trusts, leading to operations being cancelled and patients turned away from A&E.

It’s time to update your Cyber Security Policy

As a CISO you can no longer ignore the threat of malware to your business.

Here a few basic tips to get you started on the road to protecting your business:

  • Start with your Employees. Take the time to educate your employees on the basics of information security. For example, teach them not to open attachments from unknown sources, or until the documents has scanned and deemed safe. This is a simple, yet incredibly effective step. You cannot assume the level of technological knowledge, even with a predominantly young workforce.
  • Invest in a Full Security Suite. Don’t skimp on your security suite. Invest in a full system complete with firewalls, the ability to block suspect web traffic, screen links, filter spam, and regularly scans the computers in your network for malware. It’s simple, the more protection, the lower the risk.
  • Links. Malicious links come from all forms of electronic communication, from emails to text messages. Don’t click on a suspect link. Ensure your IT team is prepared to provide adequate guidance. Colleagues can also send bad links to you, so authenticate the email with the, before you click.
  • Restrict the use of Personal Devices. Don’t permit employees to use personal, unsafe devices on your network. This makes you vulnerable to attack. You can put your entire network at risk.
  • Offer regular training. One and done won’t work. Inform your employees of the latest attack, things to watch out for, and offer regular training on how to deal with suspicious activity.
  • Resource IT effectively. Provide your IT department with not only the security system it needs but the resources to manage risk and quickly adapt to threats.

In this day and age, you cannot take cyber security lightly.

Follow this simple steps and then book your place at Transformational CISO Assembly!


Transformational CISOThe Millennium Alliance is thrilled to present our biannual Transformational CISO Assembly, taking place this year on June 22-23, at The Camby in Phoenix, AZ. We are thrilled to announce Keynote Speaker Tony Scott, Retired Federal CIO – U.S. Government, Former CIO VMware, Microsoft and Walt Disney.

In a new digital world, driven by data, businesses of all sizes are working tirelessly to secure their networks, devices, and of course, their data. Fortune 500 organizations are especially vulnerable as they have big data pools and thousands of people who need access. CISOs need to plan for worst-case scenarios, stay ahead of latest IT Security transformation technology, and maintain their company’s information assets, all without losing sight of the corporate culture.

This premier gathering will address the most important IT security priorities of 2017 and identify new opportunities that lead to an IT Security transformation. Through a cutting-edge program designed by the industry, for the industry, we will provide the freshest and up-to-date insight that will move your organization to the next level. A series of executive education roundtables, keynote presentations, collaborative think tanks, educational workshops, and networking sessions will offer industry-specific topics and trends to ensure your company sustains its competitive advantage.

This is not just another “IT Security” event. If you are the Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Security Officer, Chief Risk Officer or the Chief Privacy Officer, then you should be attending this event. Spaces are reserved for the best in the business. Enquire about attendance here!

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