02 Jun, 2017

The latest News from Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services, Security, Enterprise, and Marketing

 -News round-up

Here’s a round-up of the week’s Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services, Security, Enterprise, and Marketing news.



Wal-Mart continues to make big announcements. This week not only detailing test of virtual reality technology in 31 training facilities. The success of the tests has led to plans to expand the program, a spokeswoman for Wal-Mart said in an email to Retail Dive.

According to a company blog, the retail giant stated that the VR technology could be used to help prepare employees for busy store conditions, like during the holiday season. It can also be used to help associates learn how to execute tasks without disrupting the flow of shopping in stores for consumers.

Another big announcement came from Wal-Mart this week. It’s has expanded it’s home delivery capabilities by offering employees the chance to deliver packages to customers on their drive home from work.

“Not only can this cut shipping costs and get packages to their final destinations faster and more efficiently, it creates a special win-win-win for customers, associates, and the business,” Marc Lore, president, and CEO of Walmart’s U.S. e-commerce program.

Wal-Mart also announced this week that it has applied for a U.S. patent for a system that would leverage blockchain technology to help the retailer track packages to be delivered by drones, coindesk first reported.

Best Buy

Best Buy has also been looking into how best to leverage digital technology in-store to provide a better customer experience. The company announced this week in a blog post that it is changing how it sells mobile smartphones both in-store and online under a project referred to internally as “Mobile 2020.” This initiative began last year and will continue to roll out across Best Buy stores in the next few months.


Barclaycard has begun testing a self-described “pocket checkout” payment concept which will allow shoppers to scan and pay for purchases using a smartphone. This will eliminate the need to visit a physical checkout station. The Grab+Go app is being tested in the staff restaurant in London, with additional trials in Northampton, Teesside, U.K., and at the Barclays U.S. headquarters office in Wilmington, DE, before an eventual public rollout.

To use the new Grab+Go app, users simply download the app, create an account and pre-load their payment details. Payment is seamlessly enabled through the use of the smartphone’s camera.


Freedom Health

Freedom Health has agreed to settle a False Claims Act case with the payment of $31.7m fine. The case alleged that the health system engaged in “illegal schemes to maximize their payment from the government,” according to the Department of Justice (DOJ). Former Chief Operating Officer Siddhartha Pagidipati has also agreed to pay $750,000 for his alleged role in the case.

The Department of Justice said Freedom Health submitted “unsupported diagnosis codes to CMS,” which caused larger than owed reimbursements from 2008 to 2013. The company also reportedly made “material misrepresentations to CMS regarding the scope and content of its network of providers” in applications to CMS in 2008 and 2009.

EHR vendor eClinicalWorks is reportedly also paying $155M in False Claims Act case this week.

Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic is joining a consortium of leading healthcare organizations that push for a fast and effective move toward value-based care (VBC), according to a press release given exclusively to Healthcare Dive. The Health Care Transformation Task Force (HCTTF) has more than 40 members representing providers, payers, purchasers, and patients.



UBS is reportedly temporarily revamping how it pays its U.S. brokers. This move is to comply with new retirement rules taking effect next week, a stopgap that minimizes the impact on clients as a review of the regulation plays out.


The European Union has cleared the way for $9.9 Billion State Rescue of Troubled Italian Bank. The multibillion-dollar government rescue of one of Italy’s biggest and most fragile banks has been actioned with the approving of a restructuring plan for the troubled lender Banca Monte Paschi di Siena.



On Wednesday, Toyota announced it plans to use an open-source technology platform, Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) in the infotainment system of its remodeled Camry sedan, reports Reuters. 10 automakers are already collaborating to build AGL platforms. About 70% of the Camry’s new operating platform consists of generic coding, while the remaining 30% was customized for the Camry, Toyota told Reuters.


Intel, according to the company’s 2016-2017 Intel IT Annual Performance Report published Wednesday, is saving an estimated $656 million per year thanks to predictive analytics. Used by sales, supply chain, factory, and manufacturing operations globally. Technology is also saving 50,000 hours in employee time with its solution for starting and connecting to conference room meetings, called Intel Unite, according to the report.


Chipotle, the Mexican Grill, has reported a payment card security issue in April that has been traced back to malware placed on point-of-sale devices at some restaurants between March 24 and April 18, 2017, according to Chipotle.

This malware had been designed to access payment card data from debit and credit cards.


Papa John’s

Papa John’s International Inc. has annonced in a company news release the naming of Brandon Rhoten as its new global CMO. Rhoten has previously served as vice president of advertising, media and digital/social for Wendy’s International.

Burger King

Burger King has landed itself in some trouble again! In advance of the opening of its first restaurant in Belgium, the fast food chain ran an online promotion that has faced the backlash from Belgium’s royal family, according to the BBC.

Burger King ran a campaign website whoistheking.be that asked website visitors to choose whether they prefer the fast food brand’s famous King mascot or Belgium’s actual King Philippe. People choosing King Philippe are asked two additional times if they are sure, with “no” being the only option for the second prompt. Voting is open until June 19. King Philippe is represented on the site by a cartoon on the website, which the royal family claims it has not approved. A spokesman for the royal family said the use of his image for commercial purposes is not approved of.


Healthcare Providers Transformation AssemblyJoin us and Daniel Levinson, Inspector General at Department of Health and Human Services and Keynote at Healthcare Providers Transformation Assembly next week!

Leaders from North America’s leading Health Systems are coming together at the Hutton Hotel next week in Nashville, TN to discuss how the industry is adapting to a healthcare customer-centric transformation.

Health Systems are shifting to become more retail-focused as they respond to consumer demand for new technology, greater price transparency, and cost savings. Despite the unknown future of ACA, these customer-centric policies have never been more important. Businesses must address rapid innovation and competition from non-traditional players, but above all, they must continue to respond to empowered consumers as customer-centric transformation sweeps healthcare.

Through a series of executive education roundtables, keynote presentations, collaborative think tanks, educational workshops, and networking sessions offering insight into industry-specific topics and trends, will help you stay one step ahead.

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