Introducing the Technology Quotient with Digital Healthcare Transformation Assembly Keynote John Nosta

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John Nosta, Digital Health Evangelist & President, NOSTALAB joined us as our keynote speaker at the Digital Healthcare Transformation Assembly back in April. He provided keen insight into the notion of digital health from a functional, philosophical standpoint.

John runs a think tank that looks into what’s going on in technology and how we as humans can put these advances into context. As he says, we are living in an interesting time in human history. Many speak of the impact of the Gutenberg moment when the printing press enabled us to disseminate information. Now, with digital technology, we are once again at a pivotal moment, one that will greatly change the face of human history. As John says, we are lucky to be alive!

Watch this video of his keynote presentation for an introduction to a new concept –  TQ, or Technology Quotient. We all develop our IQ (Intelligence quotient) and our EQ (emotional quotient), but with this sudden development of technology, our ability to assimilate technology into our lives will become a functional determinant of our success.

John goes on to discuss his view of digital health, which is not defined by the activity tracker. Instead, he talks about how we need to change the narrative to discuss the clinical need behind technology.

Take the activity tracker as an example, steps are great. But what if we used the same 3D accelerometer, which is just as cheap and just as easy to acquire a signal, and measured tremors. We’ve created something that clinical aids patients suffering from movement disorders like Parkinson’s. We’ve taken a simple activity tracker and changed the game!

Watch the full video for more on AR, VR, medical education, artificial intelligence etc…

You can also check out this great pre-event interview with John.

The Millennium Alliance would like to thank John Nosta for being such a wonderful keynote.


john-nostaFirst and foremost, John is a thinker. A thinker entrenched in the world of science, medicine, and innovation. John is the founder of NOSTALAB—a digital health think tank. He’s generally regarded as one of the top global strategic and creative thinkers in this important and expanding area. He is also one the most popular speakers around the globe presenting his vibrant and insightful perspective on the future of health innovation.

Unwilling to accept the status quo, he’s a contrarian with a focus the future of health and wellness. A leading voice in the convergence of technology and health, Nosta helps define, dissect and deliberate global trends in digital health. He is consistently ranked among the top names in almost every digital list and has sustained that position for several years. Beyond simply an influencer, John is also defined as “most admired” to “top disruptor” in digital health, life sciences, and the pharmaceutical industry. He is also a member of the Google Health Advisory Board and has penned HEALTH CRITICAL for Forbes–a top global blog on health and technology.

John has an established reputation as a vocal advocate for strategic thinking and creativity. He has built his career on the “science of advertising,” a process where strategy and creativity work together for superior marketing. He has also been recognized for his ability to translate difficult medical and scientific concepts into material that can be more easily communicated to consumers, clinicians and scientists. Additionally, John has distinguished himself as a scientific thinker. Earlier in his career, John was a research associate at Harvard Medical School and has co-authored several papers with global thought-leaders in the field of cardiovascular physiology with a focus on acute myocardial infarction, ventricular arrhythmias, and sudden cardiac death.

John cut his teeth at the “big” agencies including Ogilvy CommonHealth, where he has held a series of positions including Chief Creative Officer, Chief Strategic Officer, and unit President.


Digital Healthcare TransformationThe Millennium Alliance is pleased to announce that application for our biannual Digital Healthcare Transformation Assembly is now open! Seats are reserved for the C-Level executives leading the digital healthcare revolution to come together on December 5-6, 2017.

We are entering a time of uncertainty for both the industry and the patient. The need for customer-centric transformation is more vital than ever, to be open and transparent to patients as they navigate new policies. Healthcare systems and insurance carriers are being forced to respond to new demand rapidly.

The Digital Healthcare Transformation Assembly has been designed for all of our partners, affiliates, and members to once again gather in our unique format to develop new relationships, collaborate with like-minded peers, and learn cutting edge intelligence to take back home and help tackle the biggest business issues of today.

We will be addressing the most important digital marketing and business priorities of 2017 including:
Content Marketing and Social Media
The Future Of eHealth Systems and Health Data Analytics
Consumerism and Meaningful Technology Engagement
Data Analytics and Population Health
Consumerizing and Personalizing Connected Health

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