06 Apr, 2017

Digital Transformation is now an imperative

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Digital Transformation is now an imperative.

With the consumer being more informed than ever and using digital tools not only to communicate but to seek answers, companies are being forced to adapt.

To stay ahead of their competition, companies are battling to be the first to digital transform.

Every industry’s digital transformation will be different. Healthcare is leaning towards EHRs, telehealth, and just beginning to delve into the world of digital marketing. Retail is a little more ahead of the game and looking for the next technology to create experiences, bringing the consumer back instore. The Financial Services have learned from other industries and are on the precipice of transformation. With the uptake of banking apps, consumers are looking for ways to manage their finances from their own devices.

Marketing has long been ahead of the digital game, adopting social media and other digital marketing tools quickly. CMOs are increasingly being expected to take on more strategic, business roles and are now, more than ever, key members of the board. Digital transformation has also created new job roles. The CIO, CSO, CISO CTO, CDO, CBO and most recently the Chief Growth Officer now direct business more than ever.

With a wealth of information out there about digital transformation, the team at Digital Diary has taken the time to put together an eBook of the most important things you need to know before embarking on your digital journey.

That’s not all! Results from a survey of digital leaders we conducted, alongside interviews with industry leaders, provides you keen insight into the pulse of your industry, and tips to be a successful leader in the new digital landscape.

Download the eBook now to find out:

  • What is digital transformation, and how long should it take.
  • The concept, reality, drivers, and challenges of digital transformation
  • What miles will need to be taken to achieve digital transformation
  • The state of healthcare, retail, marketing, and the financial services
  • Top technology to watch for in healthcare, retail, marketing, security, and enterprise

Download the eBook here, and take that first step to digital enlightenment >


Digital Transformation is now an imperative

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