05 Apr, 2017

Retail Finds its Funny Bone this April Fool’s Day 2017

 -April Fool's Day 2017

April 1st, 2017 was no letdown. Marketers from all walks of life put their best foot forward to deliver some April Fool frivolity to their customers.

Leading the pack were many retail companies. Here is a snapshot of some of the best:

Amazon’s “Petlexa”

Famed for being ahead of the technology race, Amazon managed to surpass current technological capabilities with their announcement of an Amazon Echo for Pets. The company took to social media, claiming to have updated it’s Alexa personal assistant to make it compatible with pets, dubbing the update “Petlexa”.

The video advertising this incredible technology features a hamster having his steps counted as it runs on its wheel, a hungry cat ordering sushi and a bored dog activating a ball-throwing machine.

So, now “Petlexa” allows your pet to communicate with Alexa and place orders from Amazon, you may want to check your bill more closely!


Auto industry giant shows off its new millennial-friendly car. The company’s innovation lab changed the way we express ourselves on the freeway, with an emoticon controlled horn system.

Welcome to the world of Horn Emojis!

Poodles april fools

Sainsbury’s Poodles. Image courtesy of Retail Week.


UK-based supermarket Sainsbury’s was on-trend this April Fool’s Day, releasing a product leveraging on the popularity of spiralized veg such a courgette spaghetti (courgetti) and butternut squash noodles (boodles). The grocer unveiled spiralized peas – better known as poodles. Poodles are apparently made from “the big cousin” of the garden pea, the Grand Pois – allegedly grown exclusively by Sainsbury’s.


Not to be outdone by its UK competitor, Aldi’s marketers launch their new “Scratch and Sniff” labels, so that consumers can experience the Great British countryside from inside the Aldi store.

Quilted Northern

The popular toilet paper brand Quilted Northern also leveraged new technology for their April Fool’s Day prank, being the first company to come out with a wearable that tracks your bathroom activity.

Buffalo Wild Wings

The famous wing restaurant launched its new product this April, Rally Beard Sauce. A spicy garlic sauce that is guaranteed to encourage beard growth that will help you to cheer on your favorite sporting teams, Buffalo Wild Wings educates in this video featuring Chief Sauceologist, detailing all the of the nicknames out there for facial hair—jowl towel, chin pashmina, razor hater…


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