24 Mar, 2017

News round-up: Artificial Intelligence winning big this week

 -News round up March 24th - artificial intelligence

Happy Friday! Here is the latest round-up of digital transformation news from this week.

Artificial Intelligence is the big player this week, with companies from Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, and Marketing looking to implement an AI-assisted technology.

Financial Services

CO-OP Financial Services

CO-OP Financial Services announced this week its plans to utilize artificial intelligence in the fight against fraud.

“A key pain point for credit unions in 2017 is that fraud mitigation tools have not kept pace with the relentless advance of fraud,” said Todd Clark, President/CEO of CO-OP.“CO-OP Financial Services has an equally relentless commitment to credit union and cardholder security. We are investing $20 million this year on new innovations to ensure credit unions have access to the very best technology in the payments industry. Implementing machine learning capabilities is a key initiative in delivery on that promise.”


Yesterday, Synechron announced the launch of ‘Neo’, a series of artificial intelligence solutions for the financial services.



Cisco completed its move to purchase of AppDynamics this week, at the purchase price of $3.7 billion. Hailed as a move for the company into the subscription-based software space, shifting the company’s focus away from the network hardware side.



Wal-mart is once again in the news this week, landing a patent for in-store drones. This comes the same week as Doordash announces it will be delivering groceries to local Californians by a robot, built by Starship Technologies.


Williams-Sonoma announces its first step into the world of augmented reality with a “3D Room View” app for its brand Pottery Barn.



Many top US brands are pulling their Google and YoutTube adverts according to several media outlets, including USA Today. AT&T and Verizon are the latest to join the boycott over issues with brand safety assurances. It’s been reported that adverts have appeared along extreme, violent content.


The hotel chain is now testing Alexa and Siri to bring voice control to their hotel rooms.



Nuance, an Epic partner is working to deliver Artifical Intelligence-assisted clinical documentation or computer-assisted physician documentation embedded within Epic’s electronic health record systems (EHRs).

The US today is waiting for the long overdue vote from the house on the future of the AHCA. Delayed from yesterday evening, Trump’s administration seems to have failed to make a deal. Everyone awaits with baited breath to see what will happen over today.

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