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When working on your digital transformation, it’s often necessary to purchase new technology or work with you current provider to adjust your system.

There is so much software out there and of course, to do your due diligence takes time. So, we thought we would simplify things a little by starting you off with our weekly list – “The Digital Transformers”, top technology for each industry.

This week and for the first edition, we are taking a look at the top technology in Healthcare.



CEO: Deborah M. Gage

Customers include Health Care Service Corporation, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota

Medecision’s platform minimizes risk in healthcare. Their risk management platform Aerial TM is built to provide connectivity, unmatched insight, intervention & engagement, sharing & exchange, and transparency. It helps identify high-risk patients, enables the use of analytics to segment population health data, helps patients avoid emergency room visits, access real-time data and more.

In the news: Medecision was awarded the NCQA Disease Management recertification and was also named by IDC as are major population health player.

Contact Medecision here for more information >>



CEO: Bill Anderson

Customers include Massachusetts Health System, South Carolina Hospital, Maine Hospital, Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation

Medhost’s enterprise solutions provide healthcare providers with an engagement platform to answer both clinical and financial solutions. They aim to help their clients to optimize healthcare delivery, manage the care continuum and engage with consumers.

In the news: YourCareEverywhere, part of Medhost, was ranked as one of the fastest growing health and wellness websites in 2016.

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CEO: Howard Messing

Customers include Citrus Valley Health Partners, Humber River Hospital, Deborah Heart and Lung Center, France Mahon Deaconess Hospital

Meditech offers web-based EHR, electronic health record tracking. Their Web Ambulatory provides physicians with instant, full access to all patient records and information in one place. Meditech offers a platform that allows you to drive financial performance, analyze your data and supercharge productivity.

In the news: Meditech recognized best in KLAS in the software services report in 2017.

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CEO: Girish Navani

Customers include Bergen Neurology Consultants, Block & Nation Family Medicine, Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians, Coastal Medical, Inc.

eClinicalWorks is the leading cloud-based EHR in the industry with over 115,000 providers and 800,000 medical professionals using our solutions today. eClinicalWorks offers a range of products, including EHR management, population health management, patient engagement, and revenue cycle management.

In the news: Healthcare informatics recognized eClinicalWorks as one of the most interesting vendors in healthcare

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CEO: Keith R. Dunleavy

Customers include Boehringer Ingelheim, Anthem, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Kindred Healthcare

Inovalon combines cloud-based data analytics and a data-driven intervention platform to achieve meaningful impact across the healthcare landscape. Leveraging large-scale data interconnectivity capabilities, unparalleled proprietary data sets, advanced analytics, data-driven intervention systems, and industry-leading subject matter expertise, Inovalon enables the assessment and improvement of clinical and quality outcomes and financial performance across the healthcare ecosystem.

In the news: Data diagnostics a point-of-care healthcare analytics technology from Inovalon was named most of the innovative healthcare product of the year in 2016 best in biz awards.

Inovalon contact information is at the click of a button >>



CEO: Michael O’Neill

Customers include St. Elizabeth Healthcare, CarilionClinic, DuPont Hospital for Children, The Valley Hospital – Valley Health System

GetWellNetwork leverages the patient engagement movement which has gained significant momentum in recent years. Their scalable change management system is designed to help health care systems to be patient- and family-centered and achieve the Triple Aim. The O’Neil Center is the industry’s first, single-source “think tank” for patient and family engagement and is advancing the integration of patient and family engagement by defining the need for patient engagement through Interactive Patient Care (IPC); growing the body of empirical evidence, and translating theory into actionable management.

In the news: GetWellNetwork recently acquired Seamless Medical Systems.

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CEO: Scott Decker

MDLive provides virtual care, anywhere – in other words, it’s a telemedicine platform that makes getting access to your doctor convenient for you. After you register, you will get a virtual consult within 15 minutes, to diagnose non-emergency medical issues.

In the news: MDLive was the first telemedicine company to offer virtual psychiatric services in all 50 US states.

Why not contact MDLive to find out more >>


AMC HealthAMC Health

CEO: Nesim Bildirici

AMC Health provides visibility to healthcare providers into an individual’s patient health status. By empowering the patient to take control of their own health and a more active role in managing their health, they can connect patients with the “right care at the right time”.

In the news: AMC Health is currently expanding its provider market focus.

AMC Health can be contacted using this link >>

How do you choose the right technology for your business?

Consider your end-user. Start by thinking about the user or customer, whether that be external or internal. With any technology, if it doesn’t suit the user’s needs then eventually, it will hinder your business’ digital transformation. Digital transformation is all about people, not technology. So it’s important to consider the people element first.

Set clear criteria. As with every step in your digital transformation, it’s vital to think back to your plan. Use these defined goals to set clear criteria as to what you need from a technology provider. Look beyond the normal. Learn from others online who have chosen technology before you, and take a look at customer reviews. However, look beyond this. Make sure your criteria is specific to your goals.

Weigh critical success criteria. Prioritize the criteria. It may not be possible to get all boxes ticked, so make sure you tick those that will make or break your transformation.

Breakdown the processes. Where does the technology fit it?

Get on the same page as your provider. Be honest about your goals and your needs. They can’t help you without a clear understanding.

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