21 Feb, 2017

4 digital transformation podcasts to listen to on your way home today

 -Top 10 podcasts to listen to if you're considering digital transformation

Podcasts are a fantastic source of information. Listening on the subway to work, or walking home, they provide great content and useful tips.

If you’re looking for some commuting entertainment, here are our top picks to get you home today.

Happy listening!

WSJ Media MixListen to the Wall Street Journal’s Media Mix’s latest podcast, featuring Jen Wong, Chief Operating Officer and President of Digital from Time Inc. Since taking on the role in September 2016 Wong has accelerated Time Inc.’s digital transformation. She offers unique insight into how she has disrupted the ‘traditional media’ paradigm with her digital focus. Her focus on growth and consumer insight has enabled Time, Inc. to lead media’s digital transformation.

This is a fantastic podcast episode to listen to if you are interested in SnapChat, distributed content and the growth of branded content in the digital world.

Download the podcast here >>

The Marketing CompanionNext on the list is this one-off special episode from the guy’s at The Marketing Companion. Mark Schafer and Tom Webster interview Bryan Jones, VP Commercial Marketing from Dell on ‘What does digital transformation mean for marketing?

Fantastic podcast for marketers looking to understand how digital transformation has not only affected marketing as an industry but also as a business function.

Listen to the podcast here >>


CXO TalkDigital Transformation is synonymous with technology. Video, VR/AR, AI technology is revolutionizing digital marketing. This podcast episode ‘Automation, AI and business with Michael Chui (McKinsey) and David Bray (FCC)’, dives straight into how data and automation have the power to not only transform a business but also society. CXO Talk is discussing the impact of these technological advances and how it will be felt by the individual.

Download the podcast here >>




MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge interviews GE’s Chief Digital Officer and CEO of GE Digital, Bill Ruh earlier this month.

This interview provides insight and predictions as to what comes next for the Internet of Things, and what will this mean for companies looking to succeed in the digital landscape.

Listen to the episode here >>




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