15 Feb, 2017

No rest for Retailers – Presidents’ Day Sales next

 -Presidents' Day 2017

There’s no rest for retailers post-Valentine’s day. Presidents’ Day is less than one week away and is yet another opportunity for businesses of all sizes to use the holiday for creative marketing.

Presidents’ Day is an American holiday celebrated annually on the 3rd Monday in February. Initially established in 1885 in recognition of George Washington, and it actually still colloquially known today as “George Washington’s birthday”. This shift to Presidents’ Day officially occurred in the 1960s, under the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. This law changed the celebration of certain holidays from a random date to a series of predetermined Mondays, thus creating more 3-day weekends for American workers!

This holiday is often overshadowed by Valentine’s Day or Super Bowl Sunday for marketers, but for consumers, this 3rd Monday of February actually boasts some of the best deals! As the first major shopping holiday of the season, consumers are eagerly looking for a deal or two!

Retail marketers should use this holiday to their advantage. Famous for mattress and furniture sales, how can you get a little piece of the President’ Day pie?

  1. Limited-time offers – are a great way of attracting attention from potential consumers. Make sure that your offer is the same across all marketing channels employed. Another great pricing technique is additional complimentary add-ons. Augment your offering with free additional products or services, that add a little extra to your core product.
  2. Encourage word-of-mouth – use your consumers as marketing assets. During a holiday, consumers are much more likely to share news about a great deal, or fantastic customer service they received. Make it easy for them to do so! Gamify sharing. Make it a competition that leads to future offers. This will generate loyalty and ultimately lead to high retention rates.
  3. 3rd parties – jump onto popular hashtags on twitter, use popular images, create smart slogans, get your suppliers and partners to share your marketing.
  4. Leverage digital channels – digital marketing channels should be at the core of any holiday marketing campaign. Paid Search is one tool that you should leverage. Your target consumer is searching online for deals, for product reviews. Make sure they see your company. Take a look at our guide on using Google AdWords. Social Media will also be core to your holiday campaigns. Listen to your target, react to trends and keep an eye on your competitors. Strong emails to current clients will also help boost your holiday efforts. Keep the copy succinct, image heavy and make sure you have a subject line that stands out from the hundreds of other sale emails.
  5. Streamline your website – make sure that your users can navigate through the sales easily. Also to avoid shopping cart abandonment, make your eCommerce as smooth as possible.
    • Use a trusted payment platform, that offers multiple payment options.
    • Add a progress tracker, so users know exactly where they are in the process.
    • Include images of products. Boost sales by smartly matching other products and marketing them down the bottom or sides of the page.
    • Strong calls-to-action on the checkout pages will help navigation.
    • Offer a guest checkout option. Don;t force sign-up. Offer it at the end as a “speed-up check out next time” offer.
    • Make sure your page loads quickly.
    • Be upfront about costs, especially any shipping costs.
    • Use retargeting on shopping cart abandoners!

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