Patriots take the game on the pitch, Kia take the commercial game – Super Bowl 51

 -Kia - Super Bowl Ad 2017

Last night’s Super Bowl 51 was full of surprises.

Tom Brady, the comeback king, led his team to Super Bowl history and his 5th ring. The first Super Bowl ever to enter extra time, Brady led his team from 25 points behind the Atlanta Falcons at halftime, to win 34 – 28.

But what about the other competition of the day – the Super Bowl Ad game?

According to the Super Bowl Ad Meter, run by USA Today, here are the top 10 Ads of Super Bowl 51.

  1. KIA – “Hero’s Journey”

Aired during the third quarter, when Atlanta led 28-3, the Kia Niro advert sees comedienne Melissa McCarthy take on the role of an eco-warrior. From saving the whales to stopping the ice caps melting, with the help of the Niro she travels the world fighting the environmental cause.

She repeatedly gets hurt at each stop on her journey, and in the end, the advert concludes by showcasing that there are easier ways to save the world. One being by driving an eco-friendly car.

  1. HONDA – “Yearbooks”

An old-school yearbook, aired during the 2nd quarter, with moving pictures of various celebrities as teenagers talking about chasing their dreams. Appearances came from Robert Redford, Amy Adams, Steve Carrell and Viola Davis to name but a few.

The clever use of pictures turning into video shows how still and moving images can be used together, and not only that, that old photos can be manipulated by digital technology to make the movement look real.

  1. AUDI – “Daughter”

Narrowly missing out on 2nd place, Audi’s Daughter advert sees a young girl soap box racing. A voiceover talks about equality and being equal to any man. A great shout out to the need for equal pay for equal work – a mission Audi stands by.

  1. BUDWEISER – “Born the Hard Way”

Budweiser a staple of the Super Bowl Ad Game, having won the coveted title 14 times previously. Their advert “Born the Hard Way” aired during the 2nd half, told the tale of their founder’s journey from Germany to the United States. Although not intentional, their advert appeared to make a comment on the current immigration travel ban, which saw thousands of people stuck in airports, unable to return home or get to the USA. This advert has actually sparked debate, with #boycottbudwiser going viral this morning (and yes – it is spelt wrong!)

  1. TIDE – “#BradshawStain”

The Tide #BradshawStain advert saw Super Bowl commentator Terry Bradshaw stains his shirt halfway through the big game. He then embarks on a journey to find something to remove the stain – the solution Tide.

  1. CLEAN – “Cleaner of Your Dreams”

A slightly more risqué advert (shall we say) aired during the third quarter, saw a woman daydreaming Mr. Clean cleaning her house.

  1. BUICK – “Pee Wee”

Another celebrity-riddled advert, Buick aired their advert during the first quarter. With appearances from Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr, the advert takes place at a pee wee football game and was the latest installment in their successful “That’s a Buick” series.

  1. NFL – “Super Bowl Legends”

Aired during halftime, this was one of several NFL adverts.

  1. FORD – “Go Further”

Narrated by Bryan Cranston and aired during the first quarter, the advert focused on the brand’s future.

Released to coincide with the launch of ‘FordHub’ in New York, customers can experience a 2,900 experience.

  1. NFL – “Inside These Lines”

The unifying power of football played the main character in this NFL Super Bowl Advert.

The automotive industry dominated this year’s Super Bowl Ad Game, with 5 of the top 10 slots.

However, for me, there was one standout advert of the year that aired immediately after the Super Bowl – Hyundai’s ambitious advert, ‘A Better Super Bowl.

Hyundai’s filmed their advert live during the 1st half of the Super Bowl, both at the stadium in Houston and on location, at a US military base in Zagan, Poland. They invited thousands of troops on deployment to watch the Super Bowl. The team had to shoot, edit and produce this 90-second advert in just over 3 hours.

Using the latest technology, director Peter Berg and his team had a special surprise for 3 of the troops.

The 3 troops were guided into 3, individual, tent-style booths. In them, there was a seat and headphones. Using real-time virtual reality, they were transported to the game in Houston, where they had their own seat next to their families.

The advert was not only a touching tribute to the Armed Forces and their families. It was an amazing example of how digital technology has revolutionized how we communicate and therefore how we market.

This digital transformation case study by Hyundai is our Super Bowl Ad pick of 2017.

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