29 Aug, 2016

What Your Business Can Learn from Connected Stadiums

With the Olympics wrapping up and football season just beginning, it’s an exciting time for sports fans. As I’ve said before, sports have always been a big part of my life. Growing up, I played basketball, soccer and field hockey, and today I still find time for a Masters...

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22 Aug, 2016

Here’s Why Being a Thought Leader Isn’t Just Fluff

When executed properly, it can help you build your brand. By: Jeffrey Hayzlett @JeffreyHayzlett Thought leadership. It’s been one of the top buzzwords in business for nearly a decade. Yet many seem to write it off as just that — a buzzword, nothing more. Thought leadership is another form of...

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17 Aug, 2016

Black Friday is coming: Prepare by load testing now

Last year, 103 million Americans shopped online over the Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend. Are you and your shopping interfaces ready for that kind of customer load and impact on the bottom line? By load testing your mobile app and website make sure you are prepared for the number of transactions...

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02 Aug, 2016

Convert Customer Insight into Retail Excellence

Heightened social media usage, the emergence of new sales channels, and evolving customer preferences are rapidly driving a shift to a new style of retail. To illustrate how quickly the retail landscape has changed, let’s consider a real-life example. I recently was in the market for a new television....

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