16 May, 2016

How C-Level Executive Conversations Are Shaping Healthcare Technology Transformation.

IMG_7740Written by Nick Peacock-Smith – Director Strategic Partnerships & Michelle Katz – Healthcare Contributor at ABC News & “The Doctor’s Show,” Speaker, Healthcare Advocate, Author: “Healthcare Made Easy”

In April the Millennium Alliance and our Peer to Peer division hosted the Healthcare Providers Transformation Assembly and the Healthcare Payers Transformation Assembly at the Four Seasons Hotel in Houston Texas.  We were delighted to partner with Michelle Katz, one of our Thought Leaders. Michelle is a Healthcare contributor to ABC News and Huffington Post, best-selling author of Healthcare Made Easy and Executive Director, Preventive Health Programs for the LA YMCA & founder of the Nurse Katz Foundation.

Following the two Assemblies I had an opportunity to speak with Michelle Katz and get her insight into how the Millennium Alliance Assemblies has helped the C-Level Executives tackle the biggest issues in the healthcare industry.

What made the Healthcare Providers Transformation & Healthcare Payers Transformation Assemblies stand out to you?

Unfortunately, many other conferences have become too large and overwhelming, thus many “thought leaders” never get heard and the value of the conference is lost.  The Millennium Alliance Healthcare assemblies provide an intimate setting where leaders in the industry are heard and can offer a fluid exchange of ideas in a less intimidating approach.

How does the format of the Assembly facilitate engaging discussions with C-Level members and solution providers that can lead to positive results in the Healthcare industry.

To emphasize the above, everyone that attends has a chance to be heard and learn from other C-members and solution providers.  Many of the thought leaders, like myself are in the “thick of healthcare” per say on a daily basis where we communicate with management, providers, AND the patient, and have even been through the system more than once.  The assembly does not only add invaluable insight from thought leaders, but allows a free thought flow and open conversation where C-Level members come up with realistic solutions that they can bring back to their peers.   

How would you describe your role as a Thought Leader and what was your interaction with the attendees?

I was able to bring my knowledge from a different, yet fresh new perspective to the attendees.  The lead to the facilitation of insightful, yet thought provoking round table discussions leading to potential solutions to some everyday issues and invaluable business connections and insight. 

Given all the studies into how busy C-Level Executives are, why would you recommend that executives attend a Millennium Alliance Assembly?

Most C-level executives do not have time to search for the top thought leaders in the country and put together such a well-organized “meeting of the minds.”  This is a fantastic opportunity to not only brainstorm with other C-level executives on some of the top healthcare issues that plague many organizations, but come up with viable solutions that are at your fingertips at this “manageable sized” conference that is not impersonally like many of the bigger conferences out there.

What was your biggest takeaway from being a Thought Leader at both the Healthcare Providers Transformation & Healthcare Payers Transformation Assemblies?

That there is a big disconnect between healthcare organizations/entities, but the Millennium Alliance Assemble was able to facilitate discussions and potential business relations, which will inevitably lead to solutions that those that did not attend will learn from and eventually want to attend in order not to be left “behind the healthcare curve.”   

What do you see as the biggest benefits of partnering with the Millennium Alliance?

The Millennium Alliance takes the work out of trying to figure out who the “key leaders” are in the business and puts together a well-organized “think tank” that all can benefit from in just a few days.

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