29 Sep, 2014

Are Swapping Passwords Enough?


Are Swapping Passwords Enough? Next Generation Cloud Security and the Enterprise

It doesn’t take the hacking of Jennifer Lawrence’s iCloud to alert today’s CISO about the gravity of cloud security. The issue is a double edge sword: CIO’s and CISO’s are faced with not only their customer’s security, but the security of the infrastructure itself. Yet the kerfuffle with Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian and other celebrities whose photos were hacked through Apple’s iCloud service raises serious questions about cloud security.

In late 2012, Gartner estimated the cloud-based infrastructure market grew to over $9.2 billion. Does that include security? Obviously not. Following the breach of iCloud, Apple stated the “very targeted attack” focused on user information (like passwords), rather than a vulnerability within the iCloud infrastructure. Experts cite weak passwords as the culprit, making the point that users should discriminate in the information they choose to share on the cloud.

Educating and convincing users to better-protect their information is only one part of the battle. Issues like personnel security, physical security, application security, protecting contracts and legal documents. The list goes on. Not only do IT-security executives need to take preventive measures to protect the privacy of their users, they need to guard against technology-savvy hackers and the cyber-attacks which result in the distribution of sensitive and private information.

Some tactics, like limiting access to administrative accounts, swapping default passwords for more complicated ones, and patching applications to fix known vulnerabilities will provide some level of protection. But how does the next-generation executive prepare the company for these attacks? On top of that, how do you align security objectives with business goals?

The world of enterprise security has been undergoing a complete transformation as a result of rapid and sweeping changes that are remaking the way companies do business. As the CIO, you are trying to operate and protect your infrastructure and systems in a rapidly evolving world. As CIO, your biggest risk is stagnation. Your competitors are moving fast. Stay ahead of the market.

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